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August. 28, 2013

RimfireThis review is for: Hildbrant .22 Rimfire Liner


First off I’d like to mention that www.tattooradar.com is in no way sponsored, endorsed, or in other way swayed by any tattoo supply company. Most of my reviews are for Hildbrant products as they are the supply company I use the most. These reviews are in no way biased. They are simply personal experience opinions as well as factual information obtained by the website. This machine was purchased at www.tattoomachineequipment.com.


The .22 Rimfire liner! This baby is nicer if you’re looking for a slower liner. Like the other machines I’ve reviewed of Hildbrant’s it measures at 3.5”x3.5”, and weighs 12oz (350g). This machine shares it’s frame with the faster running .30 Carbine. Have got to love the gun names. The .22 Rimfire is a workhorse liner, and was used by Morgan “Sticks” Kane for his lining work on his piece that won him the Hart Contest in 2007.


I use this machine for my smaller lines: 5RL, 3RL, and 1RL. I pair this with a diamond tipped grip, and get to work! I normally like to line pretty quickly, so my .357 Magnum is my main liner as it runs much faster than the .22 Rimfire. However, when doing my smaller lines I like to take my time to avoid any slight shakes, or wobbles. The main goal is consistency, and care. We all know when running those smaller lines even the slightest breath can push your lines off course.


This machine runs very consistently. Made with a thermal insulated frame that has a nice chrome look to it. It is both stylish, and effective. No load this machine can run 6.5V, 45% duty, 135Hz, and 0.28Amps. It is quite the little liner if I do say so myself. Normally when I do a pretty elaborate piece I’ll bring out three to four liners. My smaller lines, my base lines, my bold lines, and in some cases I’ll bring out an even finer line. My .22 Rimfire always rocks out the smallest line’s I bring out, and puts them in solid, and in one pass. It is a very exceptional liner for the price. Like their other machines it shares the same parts as the other Hildbrant machines. This is actually awesome since I really like all my machines to match as much as possible. Not sure why though, haha.


As with the others this machine gets a 5 out of 5 rating even with it’s stock performance. If it feels a little slow toss a balanced speed bar on there, and you’re good to go!