What is Tattoo Radar About?

We know tattoo gear, and we know that when you are ready to invest in the next best thing you want to know that it is worth it. There are so many tattoo products popping up every day that it can get complex to sort them out. Thats where TattooRadar.com comes in. We are a group of professional tattoo artists who have used or own the gear we are reviewing. We are not paid by any tattoo sponsors, so you can be sure that the reviews are honest and thorough. If you are a tattoo artist and you want to submit a review of a product, email us: tattooradar@tattoobooksonline.com and we will check out your review, be sure to include a 1 paragraph bio about yourself and a photo of your face.

WARNING: TattooRadar.com is NOT associated with any tattoo company, and we don’t have any endorsements from any company. The reviews we write are by professional tattoo artists who have used the gear that these companies sell. The reviews are intended for professional tattoo artists working in legitimate tattoo studios with the intention of weeding out the garbage that has recently flooded the tattoo market, as well as promoting the solid gear that has been tried and true over the years (as well as all the new toys that are worthy of mention).

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