Powerful Ointment

Powerful Ointment

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June. 24, 2013

This review is for: After Inked™


I acquired this directly from the After Inked website. After Inked is a daily moisturizer, and aftercare lotion that promotes healthier looking tattoos, and skin. It is enriched with Grape Seed Oil, food-grade ingredients, non-petrolium based, paraben-free, fragrance-free, gluten-free, Dermatologist tested, non-allergenic, and is a non-irritant. After Inked reduces itches, and soothes the skin, and it will not stick to your clothes. It is also cruelty free, and vegan!


Some things that set this ointment apart from other ointments are the fact that it is cruelty free, vegan, and gluten-free. This works well for artists, and clients who are vegetarian, or vegan, or simply just animal lovers. It is not tested on animals, and to me that is a pretty big selling point of the ointment. After Inked being gluten-free is also a very nice touch. There are people out there that have Celiac disease, and may not know which ointments they can use for aftercare. It also gives artists an alternative ointment to use during the process in case of a client with said disease.


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After Inked Review CR Jordan's Tattoo Radar
After Inked Review

As mentioned this ointment is good from start to finish. I have tattooed with it, and have used it on myself for aftercare. I have also referred many of my clients to it. Before using the ointment I did what I call a “reaction test.” I place a bit of ointment in the ditch of my arm before bed, then check for any rashes, redness, pimples, or any abnormal skin conditions when I awake. I also had a few clients do the same before writing this review. Out of myself, and five different clients not a single reaction was mentioned. As a tattoo ointment it works very well. You don’t need much. A little bit of After Inked goes a long way. A raindrop amount is really all you need to cover an entire tattoo(larger pieces use two raindrops). It is also difficult to over moisturize with After Inked. Unless you put on a heaping amount of it you simply just put it on, and rub in the thin layer until the lotion is no longer visible.


After Inked strongly recommends not combining After Inked with any other products. It is all you will need for any new, or existing tattoos. They recommend applying a thin layer of After Inked to clean hands, and gently message over a freshly completed tattoo, and rub until lotion is no longer visible. Repeat this process two to three times a day, or as needed. You will only require a small amount to keep your tattoo moist. Gently wash your new tattoo with mild soap, and warm water before bedtime; lightly pat, or air dry, and apply a thin layer of After Inked. Avoid unnecessary touching, do not scrub or scratch, wear clean and soft clothing, avoid the sun, and do not submerge. Continue to use After Inked every day to keep your existing tattoo vibrant. However, these are just their guidelines. Please always follow your tattoo artists aftercare advice.


The ingredients of After Inked are all food-grade: Aqua (Water), Vitis Vinefera (Grape), Glycerin (veg), Steric Acid (veg). Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter), Synthetic Beeswax, Simmondsia Chinensis (veg), Cetyl Alcohol (veg), Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange), Benzyl Alcohol and Dehydroacidic Acid. After Inked does not contain any ingredients derived from wheat, barley, rye, or oats.



After Inked Review Close up of Back of Bottle
After Inked Review Close up of Back of Bottle

After Inked can be purchased from their website at www.afterinked.com. On there they have an email form, and a phone number. Also on their “Locations” section of the website they have a list of way over twenty authorized distributers in both the United States of America, and Canada (among other countries). You can also read many video testimonials on their website, and get more aftercare tips!


I give After Inked 5 out of 5, because of the intense attention to detail, the points I mentioned above that make it stand out of other ointments, and the fact that I have yet to meet someone to have a reaction with the product (even those with sensitive skin!). This is a fantastic product, and you can tell that they put a lot of effort into it, and that it is Formulated for Perfection.

SOLabs’ PurTect

Ointment of the Gods

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

March. 26, 2013
By UCTattoos

This review is for:
SOLabs‘ PurTect


I purchased this ointment from: PHILink TATTOOz(a tattoo shop in my city). It costs me about $20.00CAD with taxes. However, if you buy direct from SOLabs it turns out to be cheaper. You need to buy a case though. It’s more expensive at once, but cheaper in the long run. If you go through it quickly, and have the funds I suggest buying a case!


purTect AfterCare
purTect AfterCare

This is a great ointment. I use it during my tattoo process, as well as an aftercare for myself! It works great both ways. The ointment has vitamin A, and E in it, as well as being antimicrobial. I find it is less liquid, and less oily than some other ointments. I also find you use a lot less of it. During a tattoo I use about a dime sized amount. For aftercare I use about a rain drop(obviously depending on the size of the tattoo). I’ve never had to use more than 2 rain drops of ointment. It keeps your tattoo moist, but doesn’t over moisten. It also keeps your skin healthy, and bacteria free!


I give this ointment 5 out of 5 stars. It goes on nice, wipes off easily, and makes tattoos heal quickly, and bright!

Troll Skin

Troll Skin Tattoo Aftercare
Troll Skin Tattoo Aftercare

Nestled quietly in the back of an unsuspecting Gilbert business plaza, Skin Actives’ derma logical scientists have been formulating a rapid tattoo healing serum dubbed “Troll Skin”.

Nestled quietly in the back of an unsuspecting Gilbert business plaza, Skin Actives’ derma logical scientists have been formulating a rapid tattoo healing serum dubbed “Troll Skin”.

In our meeting (a week or so ago) Rosa touts the rave reviews that the product received at the 2010 biggest tattoo show on earth. Being the skeptic that I (the tattoo artist) have about any new magic aftercare product, I approach the meeting with caution. I also started to recall the whole salon / skincare scene that I had experienced in the past… but as soon as we sat down with Jonatan in the modest board room to discuss the Troll Skin tattoo serum and cream, I quickly realized that I was not dealing with snobby “Rolfs” types that I dreaded.I found myself engaged in a really informative conversation about a promising product . . . from competent and excited people. You could sense the feeling of pride that these two had about their product and you could sense the awe they had about the ambiguous industry that is tattoo. Arizona tattoo is a genre of its own, complete with its own class system. Aftercare products are the same way. You got your “over the counter” tried and true aquifer / A&D ointments – moving up to your “balms and salves” specifically designed for tattooing, and finally you have you “upper product lines” that tout themselves as a packaged solution for tattoo aftercare options. These packages are getting increasingly more complex (as it seems) by the day, and this tattoo artist is feeling the fatigue with the whole concept.I know artists who personally have nudged their clients away from purchasing aftercare products sold at the shops saying “save your cash”. Jonatan , with a confident smile looks across the table at me and says, “we know this product works, and we know once artists try it they will want to use it.” I agreed to give it a whirl. I took 2 of each serum and cream. Joe Lucero and I will conduct our own tests and share the results on tattooradar.com(Professional Tattoo Gear Review Website Coming Soon)- I will also post updates to Arizona tattoo magazine as well.Keep your eyes out for this product which is actually for sale now. Also check out the link to their facebook.Jonatan shared a little insight for his plans for the product line,…. it was obvious what business he was in as he puts a few drops of another liquid on my hands before I knew what was happening.. “this is great for tattoo artists who have dry hands”, he said enthusiastically . .I agreed that my hands are always messed up from alcohol and gloves and cleaning sterilization chemicals… but I didn’t have the heart to tell Jonatan that I used “dove bar soap” to wash my hair that morning… (if that says something about the level of thought I put into my OWN skin).This product: Troll Skin is not for the tattoo artist though; it’s for their clients and their art. I am a strong proponent of the saying “a good tattoo will heal well as long as the skin is not overly damaged during the tattoo”,  but I have seen some tattoo artists who put such a strong emphasis on aftercare products that their clients too swear by them.Is it a necessity?Nah…But are tattoos themselves a necessity? If this tattoo Troll Skin product can make your skin heal faster and brighter, would you be willing to use it on your next tattoo?My overall editorial opinion on these guys is that they appear to be good people with common sense and positive outlook on the whole tattoo industry. This industry is rapidly expanding and Arizona is no exception. You will have those who are along the “old school” mentality that will tell you that there are too many tattoo studios already and too many artists, and too many supply companies, and too many aftercare products. I think that in a few years the dust will settle and you will see which companies, shops, and products will come out of this change alive.

Tatu Derm

Tatu Derm Review from Tattoo Radar

Professional Tattoo Aftercare Product Review: Tatu Derm

The Product: Tatu-Derm Aftercare

The Review:

First having seen this roll of adhesive futuristic stuff at Hell City in 2008, I was pretty impressed with the presentation and conceptual idea of the thing. I did not stick around to see the tattoo that was on “demo” heal. I did not try it out myself. I recently picked up a roll of this stuff for about $20.00 from Eikon. I want to let you know that it has a dual purpose. If you use EMLA or a pain management topical, this stuff is really helpful in ensuring proper absorption and quicker / easier than plastic wrap. Now for the actual real life intended purpose of this stuff, I know there is a lot of debate about using plastic wraps, dry healing, after care yadda yadda yadda… My typical rant to my clients is to use some A&D lightly for first few days then as needed after that. I decided to test the tatu-derm on a portrait tattoo on my wife’s thigh. I did mostly large mag work with black and gray pigments. I would not say that I ran the machines super light, but it was typical tattoo style for me. My wife has a difficult time healing on her legs as well (from previous tattoos experience). We were skeptical with the tatu derm, but we did think that at a minimum it would prevent some pigment from staining the bed sheets the first night or two.

I have to say that it healed very fast with the tatu-derm. She barely put any aftercare product on the tattoo, she said it felt like it was healed the 2nd day. I checked it out, and it was kind of dried out, but I believe she left it on longer than the recommended timeline, but it was very soft and smooth and pretty much healed. I really think I have to experiment with it some more, but I think there is a lot of room for incorporating it into the tattoo process for your client. Maybe not having them use it for a week, but just enough for two days or so. I think it takes a lot of guess work out as far as if the client is taking care of it. It does what it says, and it keeps it the right moistness / dryness. I think I like it, but I have to play with it some more.

The PROS: Easy to apply, overlapping sheets actually works, seems to aid in healing process

The CONS: if you wanted to give your client some to take home – you have to peel it off the roll first, and it can get a bit complex.

Should you buy it: I am going to have to say yes, go get some – for twenty bucks you can’t go wrong. Play with it a bit and see for yourself.

The Rating: 7/10