Exquisite Hand Sanitizer

Exquisite Hand Sanitizer

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August. 28, 2013

This review is for: MicroSan Foaming Alcohol Handrub


Exquisite Hand Sanitizer I actually received this product from my Step-Mother who works as a receptionist in a doctor’s office. This is the hand sanitizer that they use at the office. It comes ina 400mL, and 50mL bottle. The 400mL bottle has a twist locking pump that I find actually quite useful. After I use it I lock it so that there is no way that anyone else can actually pump it other than myself.

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This is actually a really great hand sanitizer. It does have a slight alcohol smell, but once it is rubbed into the hands it the smell is gone. It is a foaming sanitizer so it doesn’t have that sticky feeling you get with some gel products, and it is fast breaking. The active ingredient is Ethanol (Alcohol) 70% v/v. It is a topical antiseptic solution used for hands, and is effective in destroying most bacteria. However, use caution. It is for external use only, and it is flammable as it is mostly alcohol. Keep away from heat, and open flames. Avoid contact with eyes; if this occurs flush immediately with water. The non-medical ingredients are: Water, propyl alcohol, glycerine, DEA-C8-C18 perfluoroalkiethyl phosphate, butylene glycol, ethylene glycol monobutyl ether, cocoglucoside, and glyceryl oleate. As a security feature this product is shipping in factory sealed cases only.


I have been using this for quite some time. As apposed to other hand sanitizers I have used it doesn’t leave that wet/sticky feeling. This makes it much easier to get your gloves on without wiping your hands down with paper towel prior. It also dries into the clients skin faster making it a little quicker to get to the stenciling process. After cleaning, and shaving the skin I also apply a little hand sanitizer before my stencil solution to help the skin dry slightly, and have the stencil bond better. It also has moisturizers in it. This helps quite a bit with people who have dry skin; myself included. I have even had times where I would be out of conventional moisturizer—and my skin would be dry and itchy—and I would apply this hand sanitizer to my arm, or legs, and the itching sensation would be gone completely!


It is also an added bonus that it is medical grade. Other sanitizers I’ve actually had to toss, and replace as the health unit didn’t approve of the brand, or what have you. Whereas MircroSan is very widely uses, and accepted in the health field. As most people say: Your tattoo shop should be as close to a doctor’s office as possible. What better way to achieve this goal than to use what the doctors use? There are even other steps you can use such as using medical grade cleaners, hand soaps, etc. Personally, in my city the hospitals use CaviCide to clean blood spills, and such, so that’s what I use in my studio.


I honestly recommend this product 100% to anyone who has been hassled by the health unit about their hand sanitizer, or who just hasn’t found one that is just right for their hands. This product easily gets a 5 out of 5 star rating. It works wonders, gets the job done, and doesn’t dry out your hands, or leave a sticky feeling!


Ultimate Disinfectant

★ ★ ★ ★

July. 31, 2013

Cavicide tattoo review tattooradar.com This review is for: CaviCide


CaviCide is a Tuberculocidal, Bacterialcidal, and Fungicidal surface disinfectant. It is ready-to-use, and contained biodegradable detergent. CaviCide is tested effective on inanimate surfaces against Mycobacterium tuberculosis var: bovis (BCG), Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Salmonella enterica, Trichphyton mentagrophytes, Candida albicans, Methiclillin Resistant Staphylocococcus aereus (MRSA), Vancomycin Resistant Enterococcus Faecalis (VRE), Satphyloccocus aereus with Reduced Susceptibility to Vanomycin, Multi-Drug resistant (MDR) Acinetobacter baumannii, Klebiella pneumoniae, Bordetella peterussis, Extended Spectrub Beta-lactamase Escherichi coli (ESBL), Herpes Simplex Virus Types 1 and 2, Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV-1), Hepatitis C Virus (HCV), Coronavirus, and Influenza A2 Virus. An appoxymate three minus sit period is required to cover ALL of the above mentioned, with a minimum sit period of thirty secons.


CaviCide’s active ingredients ae: Diisobutylphenoxyethoxyethyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride 0.28%, Isopropanol 17.20%, and inert ingredients 82.52%. It is also corrosive so be sure to keep out of reach of children, and avoid contact with eyes. Avoid contamination of food. Flush with plenty of water for at least fifteen minutes if you get it in your eyes. CaviCide is what is used in the hospital here to clean blood spills, and other non-critial medical instruments. CaviCide will effectively clean, and disinfect your machines, work station, vinyl seats, your stool, clip cord, power supply, and even your floor if you deem necessary. I use green soap for routine floor cleaning, and CaviCide once weekly.


Proper use of this product is to apply directly to the surface, and wipe clean with paper towel, or rinse the surface and wipe dry, or allow to air dry. When cleaning my machines I spray onto a paper towel, and wipe the machines down thoroughly making sure to get into every crack, and space. This is mainly to remove the chance that anything could be left behind, and cause excess moisture build up on my machines. Everything else gets a direct spray. Be sure to always wear gloves as this product is corrosive, and a mask if available. I have been told that CaviCide is very dangerous to your lungs if inhaled. It can also be used in an ultrasonic cleaner with a mixture of 30mL (1fl. oz) of CaviCide per litre (0.26gal) of distilled water. Immerse objects into the mixed solution, and activate for three minutes or more.Cavicide tattoo review tattooradar.com


I’ve been using CaviCide for my entire career, and have never had a single infection, or any other complication that could come from my machines, work surface, or anything else around my work area. All of my bottles, jars, work station, arm rest, bed, machines, everything is cleaned with CaviCide. Do NOT dilute. Using CaviCide with proper cleanliness, and cross contamination reduction practices will result in a very clean, and sanitized environment for your tattooing.

Cavicide tattoo review tattooradar.com



CaviCide gets a 4 out of 5 not because it lacks the power to clean, and sanitize your studio, but mainly because of how dangerous it can be if used improperly. Granted any solution you use to sanitize will do this, but not everyone takes the proper care to wear gloves, and a mask when using their products. I recommend it to everyone, and have even gone as far as giving some away to friends who tattoo to be sure they have the best possibly agent available. Remember do not dilute the solution, and if you are not using disposable grips wiping them down with CaviCide, or running them through an ultrasonic cleaner is not enough to sterilize. You MUST use an autoclave.

Bayer Bactine Review


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July. 30, 2013

Bactine Review on TattooRadar.comThis review is for: Bayer Bactine


Here is a review for a very popular, and well known product: Bactine. It is an anticeptic, and anaesthetic spray used to gain relief from sunburns, minor burns, cuts, scratches, and insect bites. It comes in both a spray bottle, and a liquid bottle. The fully liquid bottle comes with a top under the cap with a small pin hole in it to control the flow, and allow the use of the bottle to squirt the contents rather than leak them out.


I personally use the pump spray bottle in my studio. However, it is 105mL apposed to the 120mL of the other bottle. As such I normally use the latter to refill the spray bottle. The medical ingredients are: Benzalkonium Chloride 0.13% w/w, and Lidocain Hydrochloride 2.5% w/w. The non-medical ingredients are: Camphor, Clove Oil, Edetate Disodium, Eucalyptus Oil, Lidocain, Marjoram Oil, Nonoxynol 9, and Propylene Glycol. It is for external use only, and not to be used in eyes, mouth, ears, or on sensitive areas of the body. Bactine is used to cleanse wounds, prevent infection, and relieve pain and itching caused by sunburn, minor burns, cuts, scratches, insect bites, and poison ivy.


Bactine Review on TattooRadar.comBactine is easy to used, effective, promotes healing, and soothes the tattoo during the process. When used during the tattoo process it can help relieve a lot of the burning sensation, reduce redness, swelling, and also has a numbing effect. It lasts about twenty minutes, and then will need to be reapplied. Do not excessively reapply. The best way to use Bactine is to either soak a paper towel, and gently press it on the skin–I find you receive better results if you apply gentle pressure—or to soak the area, and cover with saran wrap. Both methods require a ten minute waiting period, as well as require the skin to be broken in order to have the desired effect. In other words your client will have to at least sit through your outline before you can use this product.


I also use Bactine as part of my every day wash solution. I add four cap fulls of Bactine with four cap fulls of Witch Hazel to my wash solution with distilled water, and PurKlenz. I’ve noticed a drastic difference between this combination, and just the distilled water, and PurKlenz. With the two other added products I’ve notice a very strong reduction in both redness, and swelling. It works especially well if you use a wet wiping technique during your tattoo.


The bottle of both of the variations of the product are designed exceptionally well. With the pump bottle you have the main white bottle, and a green cap. Under the green cap is a clear cap covering the main green pump. The pump itself works very well. I’ve been using the same bottle for quite some time, and the pump still works as if it were new. The squeeze bottle has much of the same design. However, it has a child safe twist cap, and under near is the clear cover to squeeze the contents out. I recommend the pump bottle for the saran wrap method, and the squeeze bottle for the paper towel method.



UCTattoos gives Bayer Bactine 5 out of 5 for this product. All in all this is a great product. It works well on it’s own, and even helps during the entire tattoo process if used in conjunction with your wash solution. Everything from the results, to both bottle designs have been done perfectly, and with due purpose. I use this product in my studio, and recommend to it any tattoo artist, or apprentice.

Eikon Clip Cord Covers

Cover your Cords

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

July. 30, 2013

Eikon Clip Cord Cover Review on Tattoo Radar.comThis review is for: Eikon Device’s Clip Cord Sleeves


Eikon device has their own clip cord sleeves that are available on their website, or at registered vendors across North America. You may even be lucky to find this product from a non-registered vendor. These cords—or at least something of the similar design—are a must in any tattoo shop, or studio. These are used to keep your clip cord clean, and to keep it from touching your client and causing possible infections. It also helps to prevent cross contamination.


The clip cord is one of the dirties pieces of equipment in a tattoo studio. Unless it is constantly cleaned, or covered at all times this piece of equipment can harbor a lot of dirt, and grime. They have the possibility of dropping on the floor, being touched by the client, touching the clients tattoo during the tattoo process, being touched by either your prep gloves or your working gloves, and a plethora of other ways. As such it should be cleaned after each use with a disinfectant such as CaviCide, and covered during each tattoo you perform.


Each package of this comes with a white box, with blue writing on it that displays all the information about the product. This includes the company name, a toll free number, their website, a product number, quantity (250 – filled by weight), their size (2” x 24” – 51mm x 610mm), and a small image of a tattoo machine. The top of the box is perforated, and a small oval can be removed for an opening to take out your sleeves. You can also do like I do and remove them to place them in a sterile jar.


Eikon Clip Cord Cover Review on Tattoo Radar.comI personally like these sleeves as they do not have the split in them like some of the other clip cord sleeves you can get. This means that no matter how you place your clip cord the end will be rigid, and easy to pierce. Also, if you do like I do and use RCA clip cords it’s very easy to tape the end of the sleeve onto your cord. Their clip cords are made from a blue plastic that makes it very easy to see, identify, and find if dropped on the floor. I also like that it matches their machine bags. I’ve seen some suppliers sell clear clip cord sleeves, but blue machine bags.


The proper use of these is to slide your clip cord in—if using bunny ear clip cord its easier if you use the end that goes into the power supply—then squeeze the two ears together and release. The pressure of the springs when released will then cause the bunny ears of the clip cord to pierce the sleeve holding it in place. An optional step is you can tape the area between to seal that area. This will prevent any spray from getting inside the sleeve. If using RCA you can easily slide either end of the clip cord into the sleeve, then you just need to tape the top of it so it doesn’t slide off your cord. You then plug in whichever cord you’re using, and you’re done.


These are available at Eikon Device’s website(www.eikondevice.com), their toll free number (1-800-427-8198), or at any registered retailer. As stated before you may even get lucky and fine one near by that isn’t registered.


These are by far my favourite cord sleeves, and receive a 5 out of 5 rating. I really like how it is easy to use, hold in place, and find if dropped. Obviously if dropped it is garbage, but they are very smooth and if not found it is easy to slip on them. I recommend these to any, and all tattoo artists and apprentices.Eikon Clip Cord Cover Review on Tattoo Radar.com



PurSan 118mL Skin Cleanser

Aftercare Skin Cleanser
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
May. 13, 2013
By: UCTattoos

This review is for: SOLabs’ PurSan 118mL Skin Cleanser

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purSan TattooRadar.com Review
purSan TattooRadar.com Review

Teach Me To Tattoo

This was purchased directly from Science Options Laboratories Inc. It is a very nice sized bottle of 118mL with a flip-top cap to prevent cross contamination. It is paraben-free, fragrance-free, replenishes natural emollients, purifies skin, hydrates the skin and prevents damage caused my dryness, kills odour-causing bacteria, and contains Chloroxylenol (PCMX).

This soap is amazing. By far my favourite soap I have tried. All of my clients who have tried it also swear by it. It makes your skin very soft afterward, and lathers amazingly. You use a raindrop sized amount on your finger, and it will lather your entire tattoo! Using very little it also lasts quite a long time. I’ve had a repeat client use this for five tattoos, and still have a little bit left. It is used for aftercare, not for use during a tattoo. It is also designed to work in tandem with PurKlenz, and PurTect. This way when artist, and client use the PurLine there is no chance of reaction between soaps, and ointments.

Recommended usage protocols can be found on their website for both tattoo, and piercing aftercare. Their usage protocols for tattooing are pretty spot on. Their MSDS for the product is also available there. The only difference I recommend to my clients is to not use it under running water, and to wait at least one hour before applying your aftercare ointment. This is to prevent water logging of your tattoo. Their protocols are as follows: Apply PurSan to hands to wash and rinse hands, wet the tattooed area to be washed, apply a small amount of PurSan to freshly washed hands and gently rub the tattoo area, rinse fully under running water, gently pat dry with a clean towel, apply appropriate aftercare ointment, repeat 2-3 times a day for seven days.

It is very difficult to use this product incorrectly. It is designed phenomenally. SOLabs is also very good for taking the advice of their clients, and other tattoo artists, and are always working on their formula to improve their product for the tattoo industry. They work to make the clients, and industry better rather than to make a quick buck. The only thing I can see people doing is using too much, but really—from experience—all that will do is make you need to put forth extra effort to make sure you rinsed all the soap off of your tattoo. However, being as you use very little this soap is a must have for anyone who is thinking of getting a tattoo. It is inexpensive, and goes a very long way. I’d also like to mention that their packaging is amazing. PurSan is shipped sealed, and covered in a protective barrier.

PurKlenz, PurTect and PurSan are available in Canada at www.solabs.ca and distributed by Eikon Device, BodyArtPro (PurKlenz only) and Bowers Medical Supply. See the American website www.purklenz.com for a list of Canadian and American Distributors selling PurKlenz and PurTect in the U.S.A. Note, PurSan should be available in the U.S.A. soon.

PurSan is by far my favourite soap on the market. It easily gets 5 out of 5, and I request everyone I speak with to use it. Using the entire PurLine is a safe and easy way to prevent reactions with products, and they work amazingly well. Everyone should use it.

ADENNA Shadow Nitrile Gloves

Perfect Gloves

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

May. 27, 2013


Nitrile Gloves Adenna review by TattooRadar.com Tattoo Books Online LLC
Nitrile Gloves Adenna review by TattooRadar.com Tattoo Books Online LLC

This review is for: ADENNA Shadow Nitrile Gloves


These were purchased at PHILink TATTOOz in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada. They cost about $20.00. You can probably find them cheaper online as there is shop mark up.


I love these gloves to death. Out of all the gloves I have tried these are my go to guys for tattooing. They are thick, durable, ambidextrous, powder-free, latex-free, puncture resistant, and textured. The box contains approximately 100 gloves. I say approximately because it goes by the weight of the box. Sometimes you’ll get a few extra, or a few less. They are also single use only. They are available in various sizes from Small to Extra Large. The box shows Extra Small, but they don’t seem to have Extra Small in Size drop down menu on the website.


These gloves do contain acrylonitrile-butadine which may cause allergic reactions. Some other components u sed in making the gloves may also cause allergic reactions in some people. If you or your client are allergic to nitrile, or experience any discomfort please stop using the gloves, and consult a doctor.


The quality of these gloves are amazing. They are single use only, and should not be reused. They provide an excellent biological barrier. However, they are not intended for use as a chemical barrier. These gloves are puncture resistant to a degree, and are very strong. You can pull on one of the fingers, and it will get tight but will take some effort to snap. The fingertips are also textured which makes picking up needles, and stretching skin much easier. Be sure to inspect your gloves before, and during the tattoo procedure. Common practice here is to blow inside the glove. If it doesn’t inflate there is a hole in it. This also loosens the gloves making them easier to put on.


Being ambidextrous is also a huge plus. You don’t need to go searching through the box to find a left, or right handed glove. You simple grab two gloves, put them on, and are good to go. They are also powder-free which is perfect for tattooing. However, they are non-strile, so I do rub them with 70% hand sanitizer. Not to mention these gloves are black, so you look awesome wearing them! Their minimum thickness is 5 millimetres, and have a polymer coating.


I swear by these gloves during my tattoo process, so I give them a 5 out of 5. Due to their amazing durability, textured fingertips, and the fact that are Nitrile I recommend them to everyone! They are manufactured in Malaysia for Adenna Incorporated, and can be purchased on their website: www.adenna.com .

SOLabs’ PurTect

Ointment of the Gods

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

March. 26, 2013
By UCTattoos

This review is for:
SOLabs‘ PurTect


I purchased this ointment from: PHILink TATTOOz(a tattoo shop in my city). It costs me about $20.00CAD with taxes. However, if you buy direct from SOLabs it turns out to be cheaper. You need to buy a case though. It’s more expensive at once, but cheaper in the long run. If you go through it quickly, and have the funds I suggest buying a case!


purTect AfterCare
purTect AfterCare

This is a great ointment. I use it during my tattoo process, as well as an aftercare for myself! It works great both ways. The ointment has vitamin A, and E in it, as well as being antimicrobial. I find it is less liquid, and less oily than some other ointments. I also find you use a lot less of it. During a tattoo I use about a dime sized amount. For aftercare I use about a rain drop(obviously depending on the size of the tattoo). I’ve never had to use more than 2 rain drops of ointment. It keeps your tattoo moist, but doesn’t over moisten. It also keeps your skin healthy, and bacteria free!


I give this ointment 5 out of 5 stars. It goes on nice, wipes off easily, and makes tattoos heal quickly, and bright!