Fusion Tattoo Ink

Fusion Tattoo Pigment / Ink
Fusion Tattoo Pigment / Ink

When I found out about Fusion tattoo ink they were still a small company that only offered a sample pack of their pigments, they looked pretty bright and impressive but that still didn’t sway me to want to try them (even though they were at an affordable price) and no website yet you had to order from the shop directly or through their Myspace page, a few months later with an upgrade to a 47 color set and a website,  and some pretty phenomenal color work being tagged by some top name artists on social network sites, that impressed me more because they didn’t want to be some fly-by-night racket it told  me they were serious about making a name for themselves wanted to be a front-runner in the pigment industry. After looking at some of the killer tattoo’s artists were posting myself and a couple other co-workers got the sample pack, after using it we were amazed on how bright the ink was in person and how bright it stayed after using it, so much so one of my co-workers solely uses it and nothing else. I haven’t had a chance to use they’re grey wash set or some of the colors from the 47 color set but if they are anything like the sample pack its a definite they will aim to please.

pros: Very bright colors, can easily be mixed with some of the other top brands (eternal, intenze etc) without worrying what the end result will be after the client leaves the shop.

cons: ( I know I’m going to get blasted for this) but may be too bright for some application where your looking for more muted colors. would like to see more colors varieties come out (may be in the works? what can I say I’m an ink whore)

Rating: 10/10