Tatsoul 370

Tat-Soul 370
Tat-Soul 370

The Product: Tat Soul 370 Client Chair

The Review:
I was really excited when I received my TatSoul370 via UPS a little over a year ago. I had never seen this model in person before, but I just knew it was going to be really good. I had used the other lower models of TatSoul client chairs before, and was not too impressed. What had me going on this specific model was the fact that the client could reverse straddle the chair and the seats were notched out for the legs to rest in. The full range of motion was really important too. When the package arrived (in two boxes) I was like a kid in a candy store. I ripped the cardboard apart and had the thing assembled in about 30 minutes. We had recently gotten some low budge knock off chairs at the shop (purchased by the owner, who was a non-tattooing owner) and I could immediately tell the difference in the quality of the materials used on my TatSoul370 versus the stuff we had in the shop, namely the hydraulic, which weighed about 3 times that of the knock off chairs. The arm rests were sturdy and the whole thing was just solid. The base was really heavy. I wished that there were wheels on the thing though; because scooting it around in the shop can be a pain (I think the newer model has wheels though). After about 90 days in the shop the cheap chairs started to fall apart. Maybe it was because the guys who were using the cheap chairs didn’t treat them like their own, or maybe they were just junk. I know I take really good care of my Tatsoul, only because I paid for it! But I don’t think that you (the tattoo artist) really have anything to worry about with this beast of a chair. I love it, and highly recommend this chair to any tattoo artist who can afford the investment. Saves you so much time, I get frustrated now when I have to tattoo without it. I will admit that recently the plastic clip that covers the foam where the detachable headrest pipes slide into the back of the chair broke off. But it snapped back in, and I think that it just needs to be Gorilla Glued back in place. I feel this is normal wear and tear, and I am sure that if I was not too lazy to call TatSoul they would have taken care of me. I have met with a lot of the employees at conventions and I am really impressed with this company and their products. Not just this chair. Check it out. I give it a 9/10 stars and this is a MUST HAVE. If you are a tattoo studio owner (especially if you don’t tattoo ) take note: your artists will love you, and your clients will be impressed when you have several of these bad boys on your shop floor. I would like to disclose that I did not receive any free stuff from TatSoul to write this, and I paid full price for my chair.
The PROS: Heavy duty, black, optional plastic cover available, tons of pieces that detach or increase functionality of the device, easy to assemble, looks cool, and it works (saving you time).
The CONS: Difficult to move the base if you need to get in there with your artist’s chair, something else you have to guard in the shop (cause everyone will want to use it).
Should you buy it: YES
Rating: 9/10 STARS