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July. 30, 2013

Eikon Clip Cord Cover Review on Tattoo Radar.comThis review is for: Eikon Device’s Clip Cord Sleeves


Eikon device has their own clip cord sleeves that are available on their website, or at registered vendors across North America. You may even be lucky to find this product from a non-registered vendor. These cords—or at least something of the similar design—are a must in any tattoo shop, or studio. These are used to keep your clip cord clean, and to keep it from touching your client and causing possible infections. It also helps to prevent cross contamination.


The clip cord is one of the dirties pieces of equipment in a tattoo studio. Unless it is constantly cleaned, or covered at all times this piece of equipment can harbor a lot of dirt, and grime. They have the possibility of dropping on the floor, being touched by the client, touching the clients tattoo during the tattoo process, being touched by either your prep gloves or your working gloves, and a plethora of other ways. As such it should be cleaned after each use with a disinfectant such as CaviCide, and covered during each tattoo you perform.


Each package of this comes with a white box, with blue writing on it that displays all the information about the product. This includes the company name, a toll free number, their website, a product number, quantity (250 – filled by weight), their size (2” x 24” – 51mm x 610mm), and a small image of a tattoo machine. The top of the box is perforated, and a small oval can be removed for an opening to take out your sleeves. You can also do like I do and remove them to place them in a sterile jar.


Eikon Clip Cord Cover Review on Tattoo Radar.comI personally like these sleeves as they do not have the split in them like some of the other clip cord sleeves you can get. This means that no matter how you place your clip cord the end will be rigid, and easy to pierce. Also, if you do like I do and use RCA clip cords it’s very easy to tape the end of the sleeve onto your cord. Their clip cords are made from a blue plastic that makes it very easy to see, identify, and find if dropped on the floor. I also like that it matches their machine bags. I’ve seen some suppliers sell clear clip cord sleeves, but blue machine bags.


The proper use of these is to slide your clip cord in—if using bunny ear clip cord its easier if you use the end that goes into the power supply—then squeeze the two ears together and release. The pressure of the springs when released will then cause the bunny ears of the clip cord to pierce the sleeve holding it in place. An optional step is you can tape the area between to seal that area. This will prevent any spray from getting inside the sleeve. If using RCA you can easily slide either end of the clip cord into the sleeve, then you just need to tape the top of it so it doesn’t slide off your cord. You then plug in whichever cord you’re using, and you’re done.


These are available at Eikon Device’s website(www.eikondevice.com), their toll free number (1-800-427-8198), or at any registered retailer. As stated before you may even get lucky and fine one near by that isn’t registered.


These are by far my favourite cord sleeves, and receive a 5 out of 5 rating. I really like how it is easy to use, hold in place, and find if dropped. Obviously if dropped it is garbage, but they are very smooth and if not found it is easy to slip on them. I recommend these to any, and all tattoo artists and apprentices.Eikon Clip Cord Cover Review on Tattoo Radar.com



Eikon Crown Coils

Eikon Coils for Tattoo Machine
Eikon Coils for Tattoo Machine

In the world of tattoo machine customization, all coils are not created equal. I have found eikon coils to be solid and consistent. I prefer the 8 wrap 1″ coils. Eikon does not ship their coils with a capacitor and recommends that the coil system should remain separate from the cap due to the fact that a quick customization of the machine can occur by changing out the coils and caps independently via pre-soldered lugs on each respective part of the machine. The coils are very symmetrically rounded and the wire is typical gauge. The coils come with a plastic piece of tape or sticker on the outside that acts as the coil’s cover. These covers are easily removed for customization of the coil cover (ie 3M shrink wrap). The coils are a good width and the cores are consistently tapped and threaded. On top of the coil is a small sticker that greatly improves sound of the running machine when the armature bar strikes the front coil. It appears that the coils are the same height in matched pairs, where some coil fabricators will actually use a shorter height core for the rear to compensate for the suggested gap on the rear coil and stressed armature bar (ie the arm bar is held down by its nipple so that it lays flush on the front coil).

Quality coils at a very good price. Eikon produces a lot of good gear and the coils are right up there. I recommend these coils.

Eikon EMS300

Eikon EMS 300
Eikon EMS 300

If your best friend jumped off a bridge would you? Eikon comes up with amazing solid products and their innovation has helped a ton of new tattoo artists to rapidly and consistently excel at their trade. The EMS line of power supplies is no exception to that legacy. The 300 series was the hot shit in town for a while until it started to get knocked off left and right. I am pretty sure the cyclone was mass produced after the EMS 300? Either way, this power supply was a huge jump (in my opinion) forms the EMS200 that we all thought was really fancy and kind of cute. This power supply measures some important things for those of us who love to know every inch of the process or who want to try to replicate a good day at the office at a later date. I have to say that I was disappointed when the first batch of these power supplies arrived at our tattoo studio, we pulled them out of the box and it was like I had just watched a bunch of guys jump off the bridge. The Eikon EMS300 works very well, but feels kind of cheap and flimsy. I have a feeling that all magic happens with the computer circuit board inside that allows the unit to be really light. I have seen and used some knock off Eikon EMS 300 style power supplies, and I have seen them fall apart after a few weeks of use. While the EMS 300 seems cheap and flimsy, it is actually pretty well built. The metered stuff is cool if you are the type of person who loves to know all that kind of information. I personally use it when building machines, just to check out where I am in the build. It is a great tool and I recommend that you get one of the Eikon EMS line power supplies, but I personally prefer to tattoo with my plain Jane Pulse power supply. The Eikon EMS 300 gets the job done, and I love the technology and innovation from this company. Every artists tattoos differently and uses their own tools that they are comfortable with. As a general review of this product I have to say it is one of the most technologically advanced power supplies out there, it runs consistent, and it is handy. As a personal preference I don’t like to tattoo with it though.

PROS: Everything you want to know about how your machine is running is right there. Easy to cover with plastic wrap. Huge knob for adjusting power. Runs clean and consistent.

CONS: Feels kind of cheap as far as the weight of the device.

RATING: 8/10

Eikon’s Laconia


I have to hand it to the guys and gals at Eikon, they are constantly reading my mind. I do a lot of analysis on tattoo machine geometry and the best thing since sliced bread has to be the Laconia machine.

Laconia (Λακωνία), also known as Lacedaemonia, is a prefecture of Greece. Its administrative capital is Sparti (Sparta) and its main towns and cities are Amykles, Areopoli, Gytheio, Molaoi, Monemvasia, Mystras, Voies and Oinountas. It encompasses Cape Malea and Cape Tainaron and a large part of the Mani Peninsula.. The subtle geometric differences might not be apparent to most tattoo artists, but if you know coil machines then you will immediately notice how the coils sit in comparison to the vise. You will also notice the rear deck of the frame is a little weird. This simple yet powerful modification is typically not possible with individuals who make bolt together frames because they are limited to the geometry of a flat frame base, but by changing the things that have been changed, you have the ability to run a consistent machine over and over again. Less stress on the springs is achieved as well meaning you can probably get that perfect tuning and keep it there longer than you normally would. Varying weights with arm bars and a ton of spring configurations makes this machine one to be reckoned with. I have been tattooing with it for a few months now and I like it a lot. For the price, you get a solid machine that has a classic look and a brilliant design.

PROS: Inventive geometry, solid running, brass, nice weight with a good balance.

CONS: The side plate seems to be a little too far forward and can get in the way when I am trying to put the needle on the arm bar (while loading the machine for a tattoo) sometimes, but it might just be the way I am used to holding the machine while I do this (with paper towels sans grommets).

RATING: 8/10

Eikon Brass Blank Frame

Eikon Blank Brass Frame
Eikon Blank Brass Frame

For those who are ambitious enough to build their own tattoo machines from the frame up but do no have the ability to cast the metals, the Eikon brass frame is something definitely worth checking out. I have been told that a few other companies have blanks, but I have to research this a bit more.

I was pretty excited when mine arrived from eikon, and I immediately noticed that the weight of the thing was crazy. You don’t realize it but you will probably cut 40% of this thing away when you are customizing. I have a drill press, belt sander, and grinder wheel in my workshop, but you could easily modify this thing with a dremel or other hand tool if you are experienced enough with one. The tricky part (as to any machine is lining up the geometry for the coils and springs, but that is where the skill of the builder comes in. Eikon ships the thing with a few holes already tapped for you, as well as a pre-split vise. This limits the builder a bit, but not to much. For under $50.00 this product is well worth it. Quality metal and pre-tapped holes allow for a totally customized tattoo machine to be built in not so much time. I highly recommend this product for the advanced tattoo artist who wishes to try his hand at building and tuning a custom one off tattoo machine.

PROS: Heavy, solid, quality brass. Great for those who don’t own a mini foundry, or can’t afford to send a CAD drawing off to have CNC milled. The brass is solid, but easy to carve compared to a lot of other metals out there. Pre split vise is great if you don’t have a band saw. No pre-tapped coil holes gives builder ultimate control over the machine’s geometry.

CONS: Pre-split vise might limit builder. No pre tapped holes for coils might be a problem if the builder does not have a miller’s vise and drill press.

RATING: 9/10