Perfect Alignment

Perfect Alignment

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August. 18, 2013

This review is for: Hildbrant’s Armature Bar Alignment Adjustment Tool


Here is my first real tool review. When I picked up my machines, I also decided to grab their A-Bar Alignment Tool, and their Spring Flake Adjustment Tool. You ever build, or tune, or adjust a machine, and when putting it all together and tightening the screws have your A-Bar move? Well this tool solves that problem completely! You don’t need to hook your hand around the machine to hold everything in place anymore.


Taking it out of the shipping box it looks much like a screwdriver. This is one of the things I love about this thing. I’ve seen other ones that are just tubes basically. Not as long as this one, and just kind of stop at the end. This has a nice handle to hold onto, and its pretty nice and soft on your hands. It’s kind of rubbery, so when holding on tightly it doesn’t hurt your hand at all.

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To use this you simply just loosen your vice screw, slide the tool into the vice with the rounded side on the outside. The A-Bar slips between the slot in the top of the tool. Tighten your vice, then you are free to make your spring screws as tight as you want, haha. Your bar will always be nice, and centered every time. You may even notice that your front bind post you bought, and thought was really awesome may be off a little. Not all front bind posts are the same length, and if you have one that doesn’t fit the geometry of your machine it may be off a little.

This tool will fit all standard size frames that use standard tubes. Along with serving as a guide for your A-Bar the tough grip, and solid construction allows you to bend frames into better geometry. If you find your tube is a little bit slanted you can tighten the vice with this tool inserted, and—using a table as leverage—bend in the direction of the correction. Be sure to only do this for minor adjustments as myself, and Hildbrant are not responsible for any damage to your frame as a result of bending!


This tool is great, and I give it a 5 out of 5 rating! For a simple price of 7.99USD plus shipping every shop, and studio should have one of these. Especially if you tinker with your machines often!