Exquisite Hand Sanitizer

Exquisite Hand Sanitizer

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August. 28, 2013

This review is for: MicroSan Foaming Alcohol Handrub


Exquisite Hand Sanitizer I actually received this product from my Step-Mother who works as a receptionist in a doctor’s office. This is the hand sanitizer that they use at the office. It comes ina 400mL, and 50mL bottle. The 400mL bottle has a twist locking pump that I find actually quite useful. After I use it I lock it so that there is no way that anyone else can actually pump it other than myself.

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This is actually a really great hand sanitizer. It does have a slight alcohol smell, but once it is rubbed into the hands it the smell is gone. It is a foaming sanitizer so it doesn’t have that sticky feeling you get with some gel products, and it is fast breaking. The active ingredient is Ethanol (Alcohol) 70% v/v. It is a topical antiseptic solution used for hands, and is effective in destroying most bacteria. However, use caution. It is for external use only, and it is flammable as it is mostly alcohol. Keep away from heat, and open flames. Avoid contact with eyes; if this occurs flush immediately with water. The non-medical ingredients are: Water, propyl alcohol, glycerine, DEA-C8-C18 perfluoroalkiethyl phosphate, butylene glycol, ethylene glycol monobutyl ether, cocoglucoside, and glyceryl oleate. As a security feature this product is shipping in factory sealed cases only.


I have been using this for quite some time. As apposed to other hand sanitizers I have used it doesn’t leave that wet/sticky feeling. This makes it much easier to get your gloves on without wiping your hands down with paper towel prior. It also dries into the clients skin faster making it a little quicker to get to the stenciling process. After cleaning, and shaving the skin I also apply a little hand sanitizer before my stencil solution to help the skin dry slightly, and have the stencil bond better. It also has moisturizers in it. This helps quite a bit with people who have dry skin; myself included. I have even had times where I would be out of conventional moisturizer—and my skin would be dry and itchy—and I would apply this hand sanitizer to my arm, or legs, and the itching sensation would be gone completely!


It is also an added bonus that it is medical grade. Other sanitizers I’ve actually had to toss, and replace as the health unit didn’t approve of the brand, or what have you. Whereas MircroSan is very widely uses, and accepted in the health field. As most people say: Your tattoo shop should be as close to a doctor’s office as possible. What better way to achieve this goal than to use what the doctors use? There are even other steps you can use such as using medical grade cleaners, hand soaps, etc. Personally, in my city the hospitals use CaviCide to clean blood spills, and such, so that’s what I use in my studio.


I honestly recommend this product 100% to anyone who has been hassled by the health unit about their hand sanitizer, or who just hasn’t found one that is just right for their hands. This product easily gets a 5 out of 5 star rating. It works wonders, gets the job done, and doesn’t dry out your hands, or leave a sticky feeling!