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March. 26, 2013
By UCTattoos

This review is for: Hurricane HP-2 Power Supply


I purchased this unit from: PHILink TATTOOz(a tattoo shop here in my city). This power supply ran me about $150.00CAD with taxes. I’m sure there was some considerable mark up on this as I purchased it from a local tattoo shop that also sells supplies.


Key features of this are: digital readout, blue back light, stop watch, up to 6 presets(3 liner, 3 shader), foot switch modes(hold, or sustained). This power supply only supports one machin at a time, so using an RCA Clip Cord is recommended for quick machine changing.


The digital readout is fantastic. For those of you just starting out—even those veterans—its nice to see what readouts your machine gives. The digital screen has a blue back light which is great, and makes it simple yo read your readouts. The readouts displayed are: volts, amps, speed(in Hz), duty(in %), time, stop watch, and which preset you are using(LINR1, 2, 3, etc). To change simply depress the L or S buttons. Repeated presses of one of the buttons will scroll through your presets. Don’t let the Liner, and Shader labels fool you! You could set up 5 presets for lining, and one for shading if you wanted!


Pressing the clock button in the centre will start, and stop the stop watch. Holding it will reset the stop watch. If you hold L, and S you will be able to adjust settings like the time, how many machine presets you have, how much your volts go up by(0.1, 0.5, 1.0)and whether your foot switch mode is(Hold or sustained). Hold means you have to hold down the foot switch for the machine to run. Sustained means you tap the foot switch, and your machine runs until you depress the foot switch again.


No matter the tattoo, no matter the machine, no matter what needles you’re using this power will push through anything. I have run this machine for ten hours straight with only a few breaks. The unit has consistent power, and doesn’t heat up, nor does the power it gives off waver. Not sure what the voltage cap is as I have yet to need to be above 11V. It is easily kept clean by placing a wash bottle bag, saran wrap, or barrier film over the buttons. You can then clean it with CaviCide, and then rebag it!


Hurricane Tattoo Power Supply Review
Hurricane Tattoo Power Supply Review

As far as which machines to use I would recommend using coils. I have heard the readouts aren’t consistent, and don’t match up with rotary machines, so I assume that mean’s it isn’t made for rotary machines. However, I’m sure it would work fine. Personally I use coils, and love this power supply. I’ve also heard the same stories about Eikon’s EMS300. Incorrect readouts, but it can still run a Cheyenne Hawk all day!


I give this kit 4 out of 5 stars. It is a great power supply, it has digital readouts, and steady power. What more could you ask for?!

Eikon EMS300

Eikon EMS 300
Eikon EMS 300

If your best friend jumped off a bridge would you? Eikon comes up with amazing solid products and their innovation has helped a ton of new tattoo artists to rapidly and consistently excel at their trade. The EMS line of power supplies is no exception to that legacy. The 300 series was the hot shit in town for a while until it started to get knocked off left and right. I am pretty sure the cyclone was mass produced after the EMS 300? Either way, this power supply was a huge jump (in my opinion) forms the EMS200 that we all thought was really fancy and kind of cute. This power supply measures some important things for those of us who love to know every inch of the process or who want to try to replicate a good day at the office at a later date. I have to say that I was disappointed when the first batch of these power supplies arrived at our tattoo studio, we pulled them out of the box and it was like I had just watched a bunch of guys jump off the bridge. The Eikon EMS300 works very well, but feels kind of cheap and flimsy. I have a feeling that all magic happens with the computer circuit board inside that allows the unit to be really light. I have seen and used some knock off Eikon EMS 300 style power supplies, and I have seen them fall apart after a few weeks of use. While the EMS 300 seems cheap and flimsy, it is actually pretty well built. The metered stuff is cool if you are the type of person who loves to know all that kind of information. I personally use it when building machines, just to check out where I am in the build. It is a great tool and I recommend that you get one of the Eikon EMS line power supplies, but I personally prefer to tattoo with my plain Jane Pulse power supply. The Eikon EMS 300 gets the job done, and I love the technology and innovation from this company. Every artists tattoos differently and uses their own tools that they are comfortable with. As a general review of this product I have to say it is one of the most technologically advanced power supplies out there, it runs consistent, and it is handy. As a personal preference I don’t like to tattoo with it though.

PROS: Everything you want to know about how your machine is running is right there. Easy to cover with plastic wrap. Huge knob for adjusting power. Runs clean and consistent.

CONS: Feels kind of cheap as far as the weight of the device.

RATING: 8/10

Pulse Power Supply

Pulse Power Supply
Pulse Power Supply

Like many tattoo artists out there I started off with a Huck Spaulding power supply, and graduated to a metered power supply. Every time I hear about the problems tattoo artists have with their machines I think that a lot of those problems can be attributed to a lower grade or knock off power supply. If you want quality you need to go to the real manufacturer. While the pulse power supply does not have the CPS, Duty, FT, Volts, Amps, or any other metered reading that seems to be all the rage right now – this power supply packs a wallop where even the Eikon falls short. I love this power supply and recommend it to anyone who is interested in purchasing professional gear, and I do mean professional. This power supply should be the trademark of a true tattoo artist. There is no need for all the bells and whistles (in my opinion) that everyone seems to want these days, and Pulse focused on making a solid product. You can feel it right away by the weight and rigidity of this thing. The metal case screams “I am indestructible” and the single knob says “I know my shit”. But the real surprise is when you actually use this power supply, it seems to require less volts and pack a punch when bogging down your tried and true coil machines. I was reading the product description from Pulse and I think it has a lot to do with the way this power supply regulates the voltage and compensates for the flux while performing your work with coils. I have used just about every power supply out there and hands down this is the one I tell everyone to purchase. They also offer a model with dual output phono jacks and a digital readout. I have heard people say that they need a flat surface for the power supply control so that they can use barrier protection, I have been using plastic wrap (kitchen type) on mine and the knob is big enough on this power supply that it doesn’t make a difference. The power supply never seems to get how either, which is a big deal for long sessions. If you are in the market for a new power supply, do yourself a favor and get this one. I have had mine for nearly 6 years without a single issue. I have seen artists with low grade coil tattoo machines from dare I say (kits), plug up to this power supply and see a 150% difference in the way their gear runs. You can just feel the power on this thing when you hook it up to your machines, and you might even find yourself using less voltage than normal.

PROS: Solid power, kicks up some juice when your machines beg for it, solid case design, slick spinning 10pot, reliable, Pulse company is great to deal with.

CONS: Some might say that the face that you have to turn a knob, there is no metered gadgets.

RATING: 10/10