Stencil Stuff® Review

Stencil Stuff Review on TattooRadar by Tattoo Books Online
Stencil Stuff Review on TattooRadar by Tattoo Books Online

Super Stencil Stuff

September. 8,2013
By: UCTattoos
This review is for:  Stencil Stuff®


I had received a tip from a tattoo artist friend of mine that Stencil Stuff® had an ad that stated they were offering free samples of their product. I quickly took advantage of this. I had seen people—many people—using the product, but I had had such success with my own mixture that I had swayed from actually trying it. I used it a few times, and wow this product is amazing! I wish I could give it 10/5 stars.


Mike DeVries, and Mario Rosenau are the founders of Stencil Stuff®. When Mario was getting into portraits in 2005 he noticed that the stencil solutions he was using really didn’t transfer the fine lines that were required for the art, as well as not last through the longer sessions. Sick of having to reapply—or even completely remake—a stencil he started to experiment. After some time he made his own concoction, and another artist in the shop would always shout, “Hey Mario! Can I borrow some of your stencil stuff?!” and the name stuck! Partnering with Mike they formed a business dedicated the growing need for Stencil Stuff®, and to develop other high quality products for the tattoo community: Rest Stuff®, Spray Stuff®, and Prep Stuff®.


The ingredients for Stencil Stuff® are few: water, aloe, barbadensis leaf juice, propylene glycol, sodium stearate, steareth-20, polysorbate-20, carbomer, triethanolomine, polyquatemium-20, and quatemium-15. This information was taken from the MSDS sheet provided by Stencil Stuff®. I’m sure it is readily available upon request; if not on their website. They have actually recently reformulated their product. It used to have a rather pleasant smell, but artists had complained about the smell as they are sitting nose-to-skin with it for hours on end. They had also made the new formula last slightly less in duration. Apparently before you would have a difficult time getting rid of the stencil with anything short of a body grinder. Days after the tattoo you’d still have stencil!


For proper use of this product refer to the recommended application procedures: Pour a small amount of Stencil Stuff® solution into a gloved hand, spreading evenly over prepared area until surface is damp, but not wet. Apply stencil art to surface, holding for three to fifteen seconds. Remove stencil, and allow to set for approximately eight to ten minutes. Area will then be ready. While working work from the bottom up occasionally wiping away excess ink. Avoid excessive wiping. You really don’t need a lot of this product for it to work. To remove for repositioning the stencil use rubbing alcohol. For best results do not allow to dry completely.


When I used it—being used to my own solution—I tried to use as little as possible, but I think over did it for my first go. It feels tacky, but not as much as the solution I created. I also notice that the stencil doesn’t get wet, or smudge at all! This is great if you need to reuse your stencil to adjust the positioning of the tattoo. I also noticed that after I set up my machines the actual stencil was dry. I mean the purple carbon actually seemed dull, and dry. I’ve never seen this happen before. Once you apply ointment the stencil then livens up to it’s bright shine once more. Even after wiping, and doing an entire tattoo I could still see places where there was stencil remaining. It is definitely an amazing product! It has really changed the way I view stencil application. What’s great is it is inexpensive, and even a busy artist could use one bottle for many months if used correctly. A wise man once said, “It is more about how you rub the product into the skin rather than onto the skin.”


Stencil Stuff® is available at, or call 1-800-971-4817 for ordering information. It can also be purchased from authorized distribution centres: Eternal Ink, Magic Moon Tattooing, Protat Tattoo Supplies, and Painful Pleasures according to their website. I have also seen it at Hildbrant Tattoo Supply, Torino Supplies, Trinity Body Jewelery, and I’m sure at many more places!


The crew at Stencil Stuff®are very kind, and informative. I spoke to Carl their Operations Manager here in Canada, and he has definitely gone above, and beyond to help me with their product. He has given me any, and all information pertaining to their product including a letter from the Alberta Health Department, and the MSDS sheet for Stencil Stuff®, Prep Stuff®, and Spray Stuff®. He also spoke to me in a very relaxed, and informal fashion, which—to me—really makes all the difference when trying to communicate freely with someone. Stencil Stuff™ is also working with the health department to to phase out all non-tattoo related products from the tattoo process such as Dettol, and deodorants. This would be a large step for our industry as many of us even still use a floor cleaner: Green Soap. Personally, I think  this is the best way to go. With tattoo specific products there will be a very slim chance for skin, and product reactions, as well as create better quality tattoos, and tattoo process.


Ask your favorite supplier for your Free Sample today so you can see for yourself why Stencil Stuff® has become the product of choice for longer lasting tattoo stencil transfers by professional tattoo artists…worldwide! I know I’m glad I did!


UCTattoos gives Stencil Stuff® a 5 out of 5 rating, and I seriously wish I could go higher. This product is by far the best stenciling product on the market, and can beat out any stencil solution you can make on your own. Unless you’re making Stencil Stuff™ on your own! Even after years of perfecting my own solution, and having much success with it I was still awed by how well this product works. I definitely recommend it to all tattooers to try this product. It’s like Lays®  Chips, once you use it you’ll be hooked.