Pulse Executive

Pulse Executive Tattoo Machine
Pulse Executive Tattoo Machine

Pulse Executive tattoo machine professional gear review, how good is this machine?

This tattoo machine was very popular about 5 years ago. I don’t think that you can purchase a new one from Pulse anymore, they may have discontinued it. If you can pick up a used one from someone then you definitely should.
This machine is a solid liner and has a good weight. The version that I have used for serveral years had the original vise on it, which left something to be desired.
I have seen that pulse has modified their vise now to a crimping guillotine version. This looks promising but I have not tried it out.
Pulse makes amazing gear and this machine is no exception. It came out of the box as a heavy hitting long stroke. It runs consistent and very clean. I have never had to change the springs on this machine and the figure 8 arm bar is really a good invention as well. All the hardware on this machine is heavy duty and the contact screw locking nut is perfect size and has nice grip to it. Pulse coils are always great. I recommend anything from pulse.
I also love a machine that has a 90 degree angle where the front spring meets the contact screw. Makes it easy to re-tune it and find that “sweet spot”. The rear deck of the frame is notched so that the rear spring sits perfectly straight and the machine came with a deck clamp to lock that rear spring in and optimizing the stroke of the pivot point on the rear spring (sometimes you see builders use coins to achieve this). All the screws on the machine are hex head, which is always good. The tension on the springs is perfect and this is a solid liner.
I love this machine and I would buy another one if mine ever was damaged.

PROS: Light weight, solid design, rear deck clamp, pulse coils, figure 8 armature bar, consistent, quality hardware.

CONS: Vise was shaky

RATING: 8/10

Pulse Power Supply

Pulse Power Supply
Pulse Power Supply

Like many tattoo artists out there I started off with a Huck Spaulding power supply, and graduated to a metered power supply. Every time I hear about the problems tattoo artists have with their machines I think that a lot of those problems can be attributed to a lower grade or knock off power supply. If you want quality you need to go to the real manufacturer. While the pulse power supply does not have the CPS, Duty, FT, Volts, Amps, or any other metered reading that seems to be all the rage right now – this power supply packs a wallop where even the Eikon falls short. I love this power supply and recommend it to anyone who is interested in purchasing professional gear, and I do mean professional. This power supply should be the trademark of a true tattoo artist. There is no need for all the bells and whistles (in my opinion) that everyone seems to want these days, and Pulse focused on making a solid product. You can feel it right away by the weight and rigidity of this thing. The metal case screams “I am indestructible” and the single knob says “I know my shit”. But the real surprise is when you actually use this power supply, it seems to require less volts and pack a punch when bogging down your tried and true coil machines. I was reading the product description from Pulse and I think it has a lot to do with the way this power supply regulates the voltage and compensates for the flux while performing your work with coils. I have used just about every power supply out there and hands down this is the one I tell everyone to purchase. They also offer a model with dual output phono jacks and a digital readout. I have heard people say that they need a flat surface for the power supply control so that they can use barrier protection, I have been using plastic wrap (kitchen type) on mine and the knob is big enough on this power supply that it doesn’t make a difference. The power supply never seems to get how either, which is a big deal for long sessions. If you are in the market for a new power supply, do yourself a favor and get this one. I have had mine for nearly 6 years without a single issue. I have seen artists with low grade coil tattoo machines from dare I say (kits), plug up to this power supply and see a 150% difference in the way their gear runs. You can just feel the power on this thing when you hook it up to your machines, and you might even find yourself using less voltage than normal.

PROS: Solid power, kicks up some juice when your machines beg for it, solid case design, slick spinning 10pot, reliable, Pulse company is great to deal with.

CONS: Some might say that the face that you have to turn a knob, there is no metered gadgets.

RATING: 10/10