Spray Stuff® Review

Draw it on, Keep it on

October. 25,2013
By: UCTattoos
This review is for:  Spray Stuff®


Spray Stuff Review on TattooRadar
Spray Stuff Review on TattooRadar


Of course, after trying Stencil Stuff® I had to try their other products. I picked up some of their other products—reviews coming soon—and one of which was Spray Stuff®. This stuff is really amazing. I’ve heard other artists say it makes freehand work last as long as Stencil Stuff® does with a stencil, but was I ever impressed. I did a nice piece with some heavy detail, and every detail lasted throughout the entire tattoo.


Mike DeVries, and Mario Rosenau are the founders of Stencil Stuff®. After some time they realized that there are many products in our industry that we use that aren’t necessarily made for tattooing. One of the big problems was that freehand work didn’t last as long as a normal stencil would. This is where Spray Stuff® comes in! They have a new bottle out now. It’s more of a spray bottle than a paint can. Personally, I never used their old cans, but I have seen them on many websites. I assume the new bottles are relatively new as I have only ever seen them on their personal website.


The ingredients for Spray Stuff® are: Isooctane, PVP/Eiocoene Colopolymer, Melaleuca Alternifolla (Tea Tre) Oil. Just like I like it very few ingredients! There is also a warning: For external use only, flammable: do no use while smoking, or near fire, or flame (granted you shouldn’t be smoking in the shop anyway), Do not store at a temperature above 120F, keep out of the reach of children. If swallowed, get medical help, or contact a Poison Control Centre right away. Also, show this in french.


The proper use of this product is: Prepare area as normal. Use Prep Stuff™ for the best results. Draw design on skin using markers, and/or ballpoint pen. Holding 6” – 8” away, spray a light even coating of Spray Stuff® over the artwork allowing to dry thoroughly (approximately 10 minutes. If needed, apply additional light, even coatings. Allow to dry. Work from bottom up, occasionally wiping away excess ink. Avoid excessive wiping for best results. Instructions are also available in french.


The important thing for this product is to really let it dry. Not only is the spray drying, but you’re also giving time for your marker to dry properly. It’s like a stencil: the better it dries the less you will wipe away. Basically the same principle as using just markers. If your markers are wet they will wipe away much easier. My only complaint with the product is the smell. I tattoo pretty close to the skin, so I can smell the product until it’s been wiped away. The smell is really strong at first, but dissipates slowly with time.


Spray Stuff® is available at www.tattoostuff.com, or call 1-800-971-4817 for ordering information. It can also be purchased from authorized distribution centres: Eternal Ink, Magic Moon Tattooing, Protat Tattoo Supplies, and Painful Pleasures according to their website. I have also seen it at Hildbrant Tattoo Supply, Torino Supplies, Trinity Body Jewelery, and I’m sure at many more places!




UCTattoos gives Stencil Stuff® a 5 out of 5 rating. The only problem I found was the smell. This is a very minimal issue, so I don’t feel that would be enough to really reduce the rating at all. I have recommended it to all my friends who do freehand work. If you do a lot of freehand tattoos you should really think about trying out this product!