Perfect Alignment

Perfect Alignment

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August. 18, 2013

This review is for: Hildbrant’s Armature Bar Alignment Adjustment Tool


Here is my first real tool review. When I picked up my machines, I also decided to grab their A-Bar Alignment Tool, and their Spring Flake Adjustment Tool. You ever build, or tune, or adjust a machine, and when putting it all together and tightening the screws have your A-Bar move? Well this tool solves that problem completely! You don’t need to hook your hand around the machine to hold everything in place anymore.


Taking it out of the shipping box it looks much like a screwdriver. This is one of the things I love about this thing. I’ve seen other ones that are just tubes basically. Not as long as this one, and just kind of stop at the end. This has a nice handle to hold onto, and its pretty nice and soft on your hands. It’s kind of rubbery, so when holding on tightly it doesn’t hurt your hand at all.

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To use this you simply just loosen your vice screw, slide the tool into the vice with the rounded side on the outside. The A-Bar slips between the slot in the top of the tool. Tighten your vice, then you are free to make your spring screws as tight as you want, haha. Your bar will always be nice, and centered every time. You may even notice that your front bind post you bought, and thought was really awesome may be off a little. Not all front bind posts are the same length, and if you have one that doesn’t fit the geometry of your machine it may be off a little.

This tool will fit all standard size frames that use standard tubes. Along with serving as a guide for your A-Bar the tough grip, and solid construction allows you to bend frames into better geometry. If you find your tube is a little bit slanted you can tighten the vice with this tool inserted, and—using a table as leverage—bend in the direction of the correction. Be sure to only do this for minor adjustments as myself, and Hildbrant are not responsible for any damage to your frame as a result of bending!


This tool is great, and I give it a 5 out of 5 rating! For a simple price of 7.99USD plus shipping every shop, and studio should have one of these. Especially if you tinker with your machines often!



★ ★ ★ ★ ★

August. 28, 2013

RimfireThis review is for: Hildbrant .22 Rimfire Liner


First off I’d like to mention that is in no way sponsored, endorsed, or in other way swayed by any tattoo supply company. Most of my reviews are for Hildbrant products as they are the supply company I use the most. These reviews are in no way biased. They are simply personal experience opinions as well as factual information obtained by the website. This machine was purchased at


The .22 Rimfire liner! This baby is nicer if you’re looking for a slower liner. Like the other machines I’ve reviewed of Hildbrant’s it measures at 3.5”x3.5”, and weighs 12oz (350g). This machine shares it’s frame with the faster running .30 Carbine. Have got to love the gun names. The .22 Rimfire is a workhorse liner, and was used by Morgan “Sticks” Kane for his lining work on his piece that won him the Hart Contest in 2007.


I use this machine for my smaller lines: 5RL, 3RL, and 1RL. I pair this with a diamond tipped grip, and get to work! I normally like to line pretty quickly, so my .357 Magnum is my main liner as it runs much faster than the .22 Rimfire. However, when doing my smaller lines I like to take my time to avoid any slight shakes, or wobbles. The main goal is consistency, and care. We all know when running those smaller lines even the slightest breath can push your lines off course.


This machine runs very consistently. Made with a thermal insulated frame that has a nice chrome look to it. It is both stylish, and effective. No load this machine can run 6.5V, 45% duty, 135Hz, and 0.28Amps. It is quite the little liner if I do say so myself. Normally when I do a pretty elaborate piece I’ll bring out three to four liners. My smaller lines, my base lines, my bold lines, and in some cases I’ll bring out an even finer line. My .22 Rimfire always rocks out the smallest line’s I bring out, and puts them in solid, and in one pass. It is a very exceptional liner for the price. Like their other machines it shares the same parts as the other Hildbrant machines. This is actually awesome since I really like all my machines to match as much as possible. Not sure why though, haha.


As with the others this machine gets a 5 out of 5 rating even with it’s stock performance. If it feels a little slow toss a balanced speed bar on there, and you’re good to go!

Rest Stuff

arm rest from the makers of Stencil Stuff
arm rest from the makers of Stencil Stuff – Rest Stuff

Anyone who works in a shop knows the importance of having quality furniture, be it chairs (both artist and client), tables, light boxes, etc, the arm rest is just as important more so especially if you work in a busy street shop where you constantly have to get it set up multiple times in a day.

When I first heard of and seen Rest Stuff I was attending the Mesa expo in Arizona, I was about to be tattooed by Big Gus (of Art Junkies/DI Family) and Gus grabs, what was obviously an arm rest but about half the size, I asked him who made it and he told me its one of the new products Mario (Rosenau) and Mike (Devries) are making, I picked it up, it was very light weight and it seemed sturdy enough, even though by the size of it i was trying to treat it as delicately as possible. So after my tattoo I went up to Mario and inquired about the arm rest. after talking to him about a week later I ordered one, got it shortly after and when I opened it I was very impressed with how small it was broken down to, as well it should this rest was made for travel, it came in two pieces the stand and the pad. The pad is about 1/3 the size of an average pad yet is felt very sturdy, and came with a locking ball joint for multi angle pivoting. the stand is an adjustable tripod with a telescoping shaft, for very tall clients which honestly you wont need to extend it to it’s maximum otherwise you may be standing up when your tattooing. It was very light weight, since it is painted black i would like to say if feels almost a light as PVC however it feels way sturdier than that.

I tested it out at my shop since, like a kid I needed to use my new toy and I wasn’t attending a convention for another month, it held up beautifully the ball joint stayed locked at every angle i used it in (which i noticed is usually the first thing to go on these style of rests) UNTIL……

…. now you really have to make sure you tell your clients (ALL YOUR CLIENTS!) not to put their full weight on it because it wasn’t meant to adjust their seating, especially the 260lb weight lifter who damn near does a dip on it because he’s tired of slouching in the chair and is adjusting himself upright and after  he leans into it putting all his weight into that ball joint and telescoping shaft, every time used after that it would slowly shorten its height (on the telescoping part) dependent on how much the client is leaning onto it, so agin you have to make sure you let them know not to put the peoples elbow (WWE reference) into it if your using this in a shop environment thats limited on space.

pros: very light weight, easily adjustable, very compact great for on the road.

cons: as stated above wasn’t meant for heavy usage and meant for full weight bearing.

I give it a 9/10 because it  does exactly what its designed for and even though said weight lifter defiled mine I still take it on the road and it still gets the job done.

P.S. while talking to Mario at Mesa he did inform me that he did get a request from Guy Aitchison to come up with a sturdier “shop” arm rest, so keep an eye out that may be in the works.