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July. 31, 2013

Hildbrant winchester tattoo gun review on TattooRadar.comThis review is for: Hildbrant’s .44 Winchester Machine


Hildbrant has eight of their own signature machines. One of which is the .44 Winchester fast shader tattoo machine. It shares it’s design, and frame geometry with the slower running .223 Remington. This machine is ideal for faster shading. The frame design is actually very appealing as well.


This machine comes stock as a shader. It weights 350g (12oz). The size of the frame is 3.5” x 3.5”. It comes with eight wrap coils, and the frame material is low carbon steel with a dark metallic chrome finish. The machine is shipped in a very stylish gold box, with a machine frame insert, and warranty card. A nice touch to the box is the quote under their logo, “Tougher than Ninjas, and Pirates!” I think that was a very nice added touch. This machine comes with their black version of their coils featuring a Canadian Adult Film Star Betty Spanks.

Hildbrant winchester tattoo gun review on TattooRadar.com

The machine comes stock as a fast shader. I tested this machine using the stock configurations. I believed I couldn’t do a proper review if I went ahead, and changed a bunch of parts on the machine. That’s not necessarily reviewing the machine as a whole as much as it’s reviewing the frame. I personally like to shade pretty quickly, so this machine worked pretty well for me. I did a few new pieces; along with a touch up that needed the shading to be darker, and it worked very very well. The ink went in very nicely, and the shade came out pretty smooth. One tattoo I didn’t even dilute my black, and it made a very nice gradient. Personally I don’t think this machine needs any new parts other than to add your own personal flare to the machine.


As far as the machine construction goes it is very well made. One of the things that really got me into this company is the fact that they are in Richmond, British Columbia. Being a Canadian I would rather buy Canadian products. That being said even if they were based in Germany I’d more than likely still buy from them. This machine is built well, solid, and with very good quality parts. When holding the machine on it’s own it has a nice even weight to it, but once you get the needle, grip, etc, onto the machine you can barely tell that you’re holding it. They also make a very nice, and consistent hum.


According to my Hurricane HP-2 Power Supply this machine has a nice run at 6.5V with 125Hz, 0.30 Amps, and 53% duty. It sounds beautiful when running. Their machines are available at www.tattoomachineequipment.com , their toll free number 1-888-944-8841, or by email at sales@tattoomachineequipment.com.


This machines easily gets a 5 out of 5 rating from me, and I have already recommended it to many of my tattoo artist friends. Be sure to check out some of their other machines, and products as well.

Hildbrant winchester tattoo gun review on TattooRadar.com

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