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The Germ Killer

October. 25,2013
By: UCTattoos
This review is for:  Prep Stuff™


I purchased Prep Stuff™ directly from Tattoo Stuff™ on their website. Unlike other types of skin preparation this is made specifically for the tattoo industry. Before this I was using 70% alcohol MicroSan hand sanitizer. It is a hand sanitizer used in doctor’s offices. However, I would much rather use something that is specifically made for the industry, which is why I tossed my old self made senticil solution for Stencil Stuff®, and I won’t be turning back.


Prep Stuff™–along with Stencil Stuff®, Spray Stuff®, Redemption™ Aftercare, and Rest Stuff®–is another product made by Tattoo Stuff™. Their products are made by artists, for artists, and all of their products are made specifically for the tattoo industry. This way you can stop using those products you’ve been making, or products that do the job but are for other industries/services. Prep Stuff is a skin sanitizer, as well as a stencil remover.


As with their other products their ingredients are very few: Isopropyl, Aqua, Piper Methysticum (Keva) Extract, Opuntia Ficus Indica (Nopal) Extract, and Aloe Baradensis Leaf Juice. The warning on the label is the same as that of Spray Stuff®.


Proper usage is as follows: Wash, and shave area to be tattooed, and wipe dry. Apply a generous amount of Prep Stuff™ onto a paper towel. For best results wipe it until the skin is very dry. Use Stencil Stuff® or draw directly on the skin. Remove stencil, and allow to set approximately 8 to 10 minutes. Area is now ready to be tattooed. While working on the tattoo work from bottom up, occasionally wiping away excess ink. Avoid excessive wiping. To remove or reposition stencil use Prep Stuff™, and wipe clean. Reapply stencil using Stencil Stuff®.


If used properly the skin will be pretty dry before you apply the Stencil Stuff®. This actually helps a lot as the stencil will dry better, and adhere more thoroughly. I’ve noticed a difference when using Prep Stuff™ whether it’s with Stencil Stuff®, or not. However, Stencil Stuff® is also a huge step up to almost anything out there. Prep Stuff™ kills 99.9% of germs on the skin. One thing it doesn’t say in the instructions is to shake it. I’m not sure whether or not you are supposed to, but I noticed if your bottle sits for a little there is something at the bottom of the bottle. I give it a little shake before using it. Also, be careful to spray it away from your face. It has a very strong alcohol smell. I suggest doing as the instructions recommend and use a paper towel. This will drastically reduce the strong smell. If you spray it directly onto the skin it will really stink, and it’s pretty harsh. I have asthma, and if I use too much—or use on the skin as I did my first time—then it could bother your breathing. It made me choke the first time. However, the smell does go away very quickly (less than 5 minutes).



PrepStuff™ is available at, or call 1-800-971-4817 for ordering information. It can also be purchased from authorized distribution centres: Eternal Ink, Magic Moon Tattooing, Protat Tattoo Supplies, and Painful Pleasures according to their website. I don’t think it is available anywhere else.


I give it a strong 5 out of 5 rating. It is a very good replacement for your typical skin sanitizer, and really does a great job. Even without Stencil Stuff® I have noticed a difference between stencil application. Not to mention it is made specifically for the tattoo industry. I would personally rather use a tattoo skin sanitizer than something you’d buy for average use, or for something completely different. I have recommended it, and will continue to do so. Some of my friends have even made the switch, and won’t turn back!

Sharp-Focus Realism in Oil By Nick Baxter

Sharp-Focus Realism in Oil By Nick Baxter
Sharp-Focus Realism in Oil By Nick Baxter

Initially when I thought about ordering Nick Baxter’s book I was hesitant to, this phenomenal artist creates paintings with such color and realism I thought it would be a waste of money on my behalf, after all I may have done two paintings my entire life and they were in acrylic to which oil is an entirely different animal. After reading, it gave me a sense of motivation to not only keep painting in acrylic but he took the mystique out of oils to where I wanted to drop as much free income into the supplies I needed to dive into his realistic style of oil painting.

Filled with a ton of useful information that broke oil painting down into its simplistic form from prepping your canvas to layering techniques in a concise, structured model it can give anyone beginning to advance a different insight into this art form. I’m not going to give too much information about the knowledge found within this book just because its one of those books that second hand information myself or anyone else would give you couldn’t do it any justice, it’s a must read and definitely needs to be part of your library.

Pros: very detailed, common sense approach to oil painting, easy to follow instructions.

Cons: none really other than if you don’t already have supplies for painting that can get pretty expensive especially with quality items.

I gave it a 10/10

Helpful Tips in Tattooing Portraits by Angelo Grisafi


Angelo Grisafi is one of the better known portrait artists in the U.S. in this instructional DVD he goes through his process of applying pigment to an already mapped out stencil that was applied to the customer. throughout the tattooing he describes his machines, needle throw, and depth of needles he uses in order to achieve certain values.

One unique thing he also teaches is instead of using washes he utilizes different blacks from various manufactures in order to achieve the same tonal values that you would if you were to use washes, this cuts out the guess work of having to study how other artists wash their black since there are several different ways to achieve this.

After the tattoo in the DVD’s menu he takes you through how he chooses the values out of the reference and also a way to simplify your reference by not concentrating on the overall face itself but on shapes created with shadows, much like a paint by number canvas.

Pros: an actually good entry-level video for someone who wants to explore getting into tattoo portraiture, gives very simplified techniques to get your portraiture career going, made for the artist who has had a formal apprenticeship and well versed in basic techniques.

Cons: application of pigment is simplified (which is good) however with the use of several blacks for someone who hasn’t had the opportunity to try the ink Angelo recommends (or using various black inks as opposed to washes in general) or understanding of needle depth can very easily over darken the portrait.

I gave this DVD a 7/10

Tattooing Dia De Los Muertos Color Portraits


When it comes to instructional DVD’s there’s many out there for all levels of expertise, from the apprentice learning about sterilization and blood borne pathogens to a seasoned artist trying to gain proficiency in advanced techniques. The New: Tattooing Dia De Los Muertos Color Portraits by Nikko Hurtado of Hesperia, Ca falls into the latter category.

A great follow-up from his initial :Tattooing Portraits by Nikko Hurtado, this DVD takes you into a more in-depth  look at how Nikko designs, preps, applies his stencil and applies his updated color pallet to a Female Day of the Dead portrait.

When I pre-ordered my copy I read the synopsis of the disk and understood that it was going to be similar to his first DVD to where he sped up the video for the sake of the viewer, but to my surprise upon watching it some of the tattoo was done in real-time and where you can see the speed at which Nikko tattoos, a pleasant surprise especially if you haven’t attended a convention to watch him in person. Just being able to view real-time color application of this master of color tattooing helps give an artist trying to break into this style of color realism, volumes of information.

Pros: Shows Nikko using coil machines rather than Neuma’s,

Has real-time tattooing speed, shows a different color pallet.

Cons: would have liked to see the whole thing in real-time.

I recommend purchasing this DVD to add to your library.

Rating: 9/10