Tatu Derm

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Professional Tattoo Aftercare Product Review: Tatu Derm

The Product: Tatu-Derm Aftercare

The Review:

First having seen this roll of adhesive futuristic stuff at Hell City in 2008, I was pretty impressed with the presentation and conceptual idea of the thing. I did not stick around to see the tattoo that was on “demo” heal. I did not try it out myself. I recently picked up a roll of this stuff for about $20.00 from Eikon. I want to let you know that it has a dual purpose. If you use EMLA or a pain management topical, this stuff is really helpful in ensuring proper absorption and quicker / easier than plastic wrap. Now for the actual real life intended purpose of this stuff, I know there is a lot of debate about using plastic wraps, dry healing, after care yadda yadda yadda… My typical rant to my clients is to use some A&D lightly for first few days then as needed after that. I decided to test the tatu-derm on a portrait tattoo on my wife’s thigh. I did mostly large mag work with black and gray pigments. I would not say that I ran the machines super light, but it was typical tattoo style for me. My wife has a difficult time healing on her legs as well (from previous tattoos experience). We were skeptical with the tatu derm, but we did think that at a minimum it would prevent some pigment from staining the bed sheets the first night or two.

I have to say that it healed very fast with the tatu-derm. She barely put any aftercare product on the tattoo, she said it felt like it was healed the 2nd day. I checked it out, and it was kind of dried out, but I believe she left it on longer than the recommended timeline, but it was very soft and smooth and pretty much healed. I really think I have to experiment with it some more, but I think there is a lot of room for incorporating it into the tattoo process for your client. Maybe not having them use it for a week, but just enough for two days or so. I think it takes a lot of guess work out as far as if the client is taking care of it. It does what it says, and it keeps it the right moistness / dryness. I think I like it, but I have to play with it some more.

The PROS: Easy to apply, overlapping sheets actually works, seems to aid in healing process

The CONS: if you wanted to give your client some to take home – you have to peel it off the roll first, and it can get a bit complex.

Should you buy it: I am going to have to say yes, go get some – for twenty bucks you can’t go wrong. Play with it a bit and see for yourself.

The Rating: 7/10