Sharp-Focus Realism in Oil By Nick Baxter

Sharp-Focus Realism in Oil By Nick Baxter
Sharp-Focus Realism in Oil By Nick Baxter

Initially when I thought about ordering Nick Baxter’s book I was hesitant to, this phenomenal artist creates paintings with such color and realism I thought it would be a waste of money on my behalf, after all I may have done two paintings my entire life and they were in acrylic to which oil is an entirely different animal. After reading, it gave me a sense of motivation to not only keep painting in acrylic but he took the mystique out of oils to where I wanted to drop as much free income into the supplies I needed to dive into his realistic style of oil painting.

Filled with a ton of useful information that broke oil painting down into its simplistic form from prepping your canvas to layering techniques in a concise, structured model it can give anyone beginning to advance a different insight into this art form. I’m not going to give too much information about the knowledge found within this book just because its one of those books that second hand information myself or anyone else would give you couldn’t do it any justice, it’s a must read and definitely needs to be part of your library.

Pros: very detailed, common sense approach to oil painting, easy to follow instructions.

Cons: none really other than if you don’t already have supplies for painting that can get pretty expensive especially with quality items.

I gave it a 10/10

Kingpin tattoo supply


Kingpin tattoo supply has been providing vital products and services to the industry since 1996, it they have a range of products for the tattoo and piercing industry. I have dealt with kingpin on a regular basis and they’re customer service is top-notch, I have had certain issues in the past of them not carrying a product and within a month they were carrying it or called me with a timeline to where they had to meet with the producers of the product and gave me a response if they could or would carry it, another issue i had is the perforation on their disposable tubes and needles (seemed every batch i ordered of either they weren’t perforated all the way through and ended up having to cut them off the rest of the pack, I informed them  the next time I placed an order and they gave me a courtesy call back tell me they informed the proper channels and haven’t had a problem since.  Another definite plus is they supply to the professional artist (so scratchers need not apply) only, and do a check to make sure you have credentials.

They’re turn-around is also quick, now that they have a West Coast distributor I place an order and the longest wait time i had was five business days (unless it was a specialty request to where they had no choice but to send from the East Coast distributor).

For anyone who hasn’t used them before I would highly recommend using them for your tattooing or piercing needs.

Pros: wide selection of products for piercing and tattooing, quick shipping, competitive pricing, outstanding customer service.

Cons: if they would get the most recent products as they hit the market (true tubes, specialty ink sets etc) I probably wouldn’t use any other distributor than them.

Rating: 8/10